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Default Re: Are you a "bit" listener?

"I suppose, if I'm setting out to learn specific parts to play a tune, I'll concentrate on the bits that need the concentration, but when I'm learning songs, I learn the whole song."

I was thinking the same thing as I typed this. I remember many musicians with my father frequently bit listening and re-playing bits often- in rehearsal and in the studio. In fact, it was not at all uncommon to have a bit listening party after hours and pound a few martinis while you were at it. And during these bits, the room was absolutely silent. So many of our greats were hell bent for "bits".

What you're saying makes complete sense. Why then do you think so much emphasis was placed on bit listening from a musical construction (composers) standpoint? Was "bit" listening more significant than we may know?

I just grew up bit listening, it's just as natural as getting dressed in the morning. For me, it's mostly always been from the listening end. It's an addiction and it's euphoric.. it's very hard to describe. Bit listening is my drug... lol. I've just not run into hardly anyone who has ever heard of it.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts Bo.
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