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Amazing musician. You almost have to be High on drugs to comprehend his beat displacement. He said it himself that most of the time "he's just using his imagination" when he's doing that stuff. I have a transcription of OTAY from his Outbreak CD, and its just amazing seeing his playing on paper.

One of my biggest influences, and definitely he took Cobham's torch and lit it to a giant bonfire.

Great interviews of him and insight on his "Master Drummer" DVD. The funny thing is, he has this total "deadpan" look throughout the whole video.

I think his best playing was on the Live at Beverly Theatre with George Clinton and the P-Funk allstars. I also dig his playing with Greg Howe on Extraction, and with Tetsuo Sakurai (Akira Jimbo's old bass palyer) album, Gentle Hearts. Howe also plays guitar on that one too.

Dennis with P-Funk from the early 80's. (lets take it to the stage)

Him in late 80's with P-Funk on SNL
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