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Default Are you a "bit" listener?

As a youngster and throughout adulthood, I've always been a bit listener. Moreso as a kid but even still today at times. I'd hear a tune on the radio, go buy the record for that one segment of that one tune, rush home and listen to that specific 15-25 second segment of one tune. Over and over and over again, for weeks or even months or years. Sometimes I'd discover multiple bits in 2-3 different tunes on the same record and that was like strikin' it rich. After several weeks of that fixation, I'd pry myself away to explore the rest of the album.Then I'd hear something new, buy more music, rush home and bit listen, rinse and repeat. While I still bit listen today, I spend more time listening in depth to an entire CD over and over for weeks or months. I'm sure I picked this up from my father who was a jazz composer. Bit listening has been around forever but I don't run across many who listen like this. Believe me, I didn't make alot of new friends this way.

This is my first forum ever and I'm trying to be careful not to post a duplicate. If I slip up, my apologies.

How do you most enjoy or prefer to listen?

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