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Default Re: Show off your Zendrum!

Originally Posted by ohiodrummer1964 View Post Too late, I'm jealous.

That thing is a work of art, and the possibilities in sound creation are endless. I love MIDI and the range of ideas and convenience it brings to the musician. The videos on youtube of drummers playing the Zendrum are really cool. I checked them out when you posted your first thread about getting back into the Zendrum. Glad you made the plunge, it has to be a blast to play.
It is a blast, but don't be jealous. There's definitely another way to thinking when I play this contraption. For instance, I automatically always play ghost notes on regular kit, and that's not really gonna happen with this, but as the fingers get more limber and retain the muscle memory, I suppose I could more, but the same MIDI note softer doesn't really qualify as a ghost note. So, I play less. And not having a bass drum foot (at least) means heavy four-way coordination isn't really happening either - meaning no fast mambos or sambas or any of that stuff either. But there are other things you can play. If anything, playing the Zendrum is really like a Zen Experience - you learn how to do more with less, and play essentially what is needed. And so far my experience has been that other musicians like it because they're not hearing all the extra racket a regular set drummer might play to clutter everything up!

Just recall when Phil Collins and Hall & Oates cranked out all those hits with simple drum machine beats - the Zendrum is like a musician being the beat box. More groove and less clutter. It's a nice change of pace. If anything, my drumset playing may be suffering a lack of ghost notes because of it ;)
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