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Default Re: Show off your Zendrum!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Very much looking forward to that video Bo. What kind of show are you doing? Context, etc?

I've had a few weeks off gigging, but back at it tonight. Could do with a bit of Zen for that :)
Well, I'm forcing it to go live with that high school show choir job first. Somewhere where I'm hidden behind a wall of kids. We just got done upgrading the keyboard player's rig and between the two of us there's like $8,000 worth of stuff on stage! So we're set to do a show this coming week so that's the first time out for this rig. But my usual solo act stuff will get priority with this stuff too, really, anywhere I'd normally play real drums, I'll bring this out instead.

But my acoustics are always at the ready. In fact, my Granstars are living at this high school so I could switch back and forth if I have to, but I might not have to ;) Or I'm not giving them a choice.
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