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Default Show off your Zendrum!

Obviously, there's not alot of us who play these things, but I'll start (this is a semi-parody of the "show off your (insert favorite brand here)" threads.

Anyway, here's my new Zendrum rig that I've slowly been building up to debut in live performance this coming weekend. It's a beautiful zebrawood Zendrum Z4, and with it is my portable PA rig that I'll be using with it. The Zendrum gets plugged into it's merge box for power via the MIDI cable, and that gets plugged into my Roland R8-M rack mounted drum module. I'm collecting different ROM sound cards for it, and so far I'm using the Jazz, Jazz Brush, Electronic, and Dry ROM cards in addition to the 68 sounds that come on board, so I can theoretically create up to 32 different types of kits, or more if I actually set up different trigger maps on the Zendrum, but I think 32 will be quite enough to begin with. The sound module then plugs into a Mackie ProFX12 mixing console which in turn goes to my Crown power amp and lastly to my Yamaha speakers (15" woofers with horns).

I also run a mic for myself to sing if necessary. Getting back into playing with just my fingertips has been a cool break from all the stick work I've been doing up until now and I finally feel I've gotten back enough to go live in two days from now. I'll do a video of what I do with it soon, but I thought I'd show the rig first. Enjoy!
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