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So happy of havin found a Matt Cameron Thread...
I think he's the drummer who deeply influenced my way of playing and my vision about drumming.
He's great groove, skill, technique, power, timing.
He's a perfect rock drummer in my opinion, he's also sofisticated and never cheap.
When he played with SG he used sometimes to overplay, drum parts are sometimes very intricate with odd times and uptime fills. Whoa that's great and absolutely into the SG mood!!!
PJ are the demonstration about maturity of MC. He gave up with SG and he's SG way to play and he "adapted" his way to play to PJ, more sober without overplaying but always with great taste, elegance and groove. I've seen him in Milan (italy) 6 years ago with PJ and that was like a spank in the face, so groovy and so perfect. Amazing!

About Temple of The dog: Consider that he played such things when he was only 22 or somethin.... incredible, i couldn't write such things neither at the age of 60... ehehe

se ya!

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