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Default Re: Remo Ambassador coating wearing off...

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Remo's coating does seem to wear faster than Evans and Aquarian.
Remo's coating is also the warmest sounding in my opinion because it is softer than the others.
I have good luck with coated Ambassador heads on my snare and toms. They do wear but they last a long time for me.
I love them on my Jazz kits because they are so warm sounding and sensitive to the lightest touch.
I use coated heads by Evans and Aquarian on my Rock, Country, and Pop kits because they are brighter sounding at looser tensioning.

This is just my observation, Your results may vary from mine.
Thanks for that information, Bob. I've read several reviews on Musician's Friend complaining about the coating coming off faster on the new Ambassadors than it did in the old days, so I've still been thinking about going with the Aquarian Studio-X's you used to use on your Pearl Rhthm Travelers. However, I've also been considering going with their Modern Vintage series, which replicates the warmer sound of calf skin. Based on your saying Remo is warmer than Aquarian in general, I'll definitely be going with the Modern Vintages, as Aquarian consistantly gets good reviews on their coating lasting a long time.

Thanks again
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