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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Nice collection, Mirkko!! So how do you decide which cymbals to mount :)?
Curious what deal you have with Meinl, in case you're actually to reveal that?
Would you order that many pies if you hadn't an endorsement?
Thank you!
Honestly, i'm trying everything-then it depends from what my ear (listening the music contest i'm playing in) prefer in a particular gig.About the deal with Meinl,i prefer to keep it for myself-But they'r making a lot for me,really.Anyway-i'm a big instruments lover and fanatic,and i've always get more stuff than i could actually play :P so,definitely yeah! even now i've a lot of my personal cymbals and drums for my personal collection..
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