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Default Re: Back after 40 years!

Originally Posted by gretschdrum View Post
Hi Larryz, thanks. Actually things have looked up a bit since my last post and I have received emails from the vocalist and the bassist saying how well they thought the rehearsal went, so maybe I've just been a bit hard on myself! Been rehearsing some rock n roll numbers. Apache by the Shadows, Move It by Cliff Richard some stuff by Buddy Holly that kind of thing. Stuff I have heard before but not overly familiar with. One track, Dance On, by The Shadows has a difficult, for me, intro. I just couldn't get it, so told them they will have to do without that one for now!
Ah, must be a Brit band because lots of Cliff Richard & SHadows. Over here in the States he was/is virtually unknown. His only hit being the mid-70s "Devil Woman" and the excellent duet with Olivia Newton John "Suddenly".... Glad things are better.
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