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Originally Posted by Davidb59
Finn gets the prize. It was Jim Keltner on Josie. There were 6 different drummers on the album Aja.
So it's Jim Keltner, eh?

Well the reason I asked this, is because I'm VERY impressed with the drumming in Josie. In this song, I love how he sits behind the band and simply grooves with FINESSE, yet still shows how technically sound he is by just adding in those subtle things. For instance, he uses ghost notes..or accents on the hats in appropriate places in the song. He doesn't overplay. Impressive, I tell you! He does the job of keeping the song going...and yet still lets the song breathe. VERY SOLID DRUMMING! I love this aspect. Jim Keltner is a big influence of mine now haha... And I know that you guys have an appreciation for this kind of drumming too.

Thanks for saving me the time of looking it up :p... Can you guys tell me of any other drummers or songs that have this same kind of drumming?

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