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Default my rig

I b/s/t equip all the time so i could upload a lot more pictures of gear that comes and goes if anyone is interested but I figured Id just post some pics of the the kit Iv been using for years. I have had about 5 other kits and countless cymbals and snares due to bst (some a good but higher end than this) but none have realy impressed me enough to take place of this as my main kit. If anyone wants pics of the other kits snares, cymbals etc.. I can find some but I just figure my main rig would be good.
My main rig consist of

pdp mx- 6 piece kit second floor tom not in pic. I played it as 4 for years but Im beggining to use more drums due to expanding my genres and time frame to set up at shows.

Snare- Pearl brass free floater (I change snares often but this is my favorite at them moment)

cymbals- 15 in vintage zildjian hate, 6in zil bel, sabian 21 hh rbdr, paiste 18 pst 5 china, meinl mb8 splash 8 in, and at the moment Iv been exchaning crashes here and there between paiste twenty, sabian hhx power crash, sabian paragon,. All of them are 18s. In the pic is 17 hh but that is for sale and I have no plans on keeping it.

Hardware- random double braced cymbals stands mostly pdp, dw 9000 double pedals,dw throne
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