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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

Music- Grand Funk - Led Zep - Sabbath
Drummer- Don Brewer
Person- No one in particular. Any good rock drummer has my respect.
Inspirations- $75.00 complete Rockwood drum set

This is my 1st post, so here is a little of my background:
I am 54 and a lifelong air drummer (aka: wannabe), but have been playing the real thing for 6 month's total now. I actually bought the drums 2 years ago, but had a problem with my left hand that kept me from holding onto a stick. Got that out of the way, and have been playing and practicing 3-4 times a week when work allows.

I remember listening to Don Brewer on the 1st GFRR Live Album.. I was amazed at his drum solo.. and kept thinking his solo was incorporating a train running down the tracks, backing up, going forward again (you know how kids think). GR was my 1st live concert, and I was watching him in amazement all night. I'll play that solo 1 day, I have to.. it's in my DNA now.
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