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Default Re: Drummers/Martial Artists

Originally Posted by Odd-Arne Oseberg View Post
I have periodically.

Started out in a Shotokan Karate club, then moved on to a university group doing Wing Chun and Escrima.

When I moved to Oslo I did some training with a group that just called it cross training, sort of following Bruce Lee's ideas. No belts or anything like that. Just training, going to different seminars together, learning from each other and sparring a lot. It just wasn't possible to combine it with playing and teaching. In a small town/country everything happens in the evening when most people are done working.
Makes sense that you'd follow bruce lee's thing. Did you know that he started his martial arts in wing chun under master ip? He later (sort of rebelliously) decided to start his own martial arts form after master ip accused him of not having the right attitude to be told the "secrets" of wing chun. Which were probably just very in depth mantras hah

Originally Posted by OrangeAgent27 View Post
No need to study martial arts, boxing or MMA. Because when I've had 6 beers, coincidently enough, I become the baddest mamma jamma to ever have walked this earth.
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