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Default Re: Minimal drum mic setup


If you really are on a budget then I would recommend the Røde NT5 as a solid budget choice for an overhead. I've used these fairly extensively and can produce decent results.

An SM58 and an NT5 would be a good budget choice for a mono setup. A pair of NT5s and an SM58 would work well for a stereo setup. For the bass drum mic, you want a dynamic mic with a relatively large diaphragm (most are). Dynamic mics in my experience are much less sensitive to budget than condensers, so if you need to make savings, that's where it would be.

Remember also that placement is far more important than the mics you are using. A good acoustic environment with good placement with budget microphones will produce much better results than high-end microphones and poor placement. To this end, I would recommend a that you buy a good audio textbook with some of the savings you make.

I've always been an advocate of 'Modern Recording Techniques':

I've owned an older copy for five or six years and I still refer to it on occasion. A good textbook will make up for savings in other areas. It's a very good value equation to buy it once and then decide what you want to do.
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