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Default Re: Pay to Play gigs? Fair? Or not?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
That's certainly a help. The net is inundated with bands hoping that club bookers will visit or otherwise stumble on their sites, and offer them gigs. Networking and an assertive, proactive, and personal touch works wonders.

But a point person for the band is still going to encounter these pay-to-play situations. At least if the band trusts that person to say no for them, they won't end up doing disappointing gigs for no money.

One of my bands keeps threatening to get a person to work the bookers and handle social media. I really think it would help.

I Agree. I think saying "No" is the toughest part not only for starting bands, but for many businesses as well. Knowing how and when its better to walk away from a deal is a huge lesson that is often ignored until people (or bands) find themselves in situations they cannot easily get out of.

The whole idea of pay to play puts the power in the promoter's hands. I'd suggest that bands look at their own drawing/attracting power and developing that first.

Promoters push too far beyond their power and ability and end up with nothing in the end and that's perfectly fine by me. Most promoters I've come across have no idea how to, and no intention of promoting anything or anybody. They do want young and hungry bands to work for them, generate money for them, while also trying to micromanage "National" acts.

This puts me in the position turning into Mr Ego Crusher. I've never been one to accept things as "just the way it is" especially when it is the artist or craftsmen who is the one at the center of generating revenue, interest, notoriety etc.

sorry for the incoherent rant. I just really hate the idea of new and seasoned artist being treated as pushovers under the veil of paying dues. Especially at a time when the pieces of the old machine are looking for ways to justify their existence by finding ways of getting a piece of the bands actions (if there is any) or by making money off people's dreams and desperation.
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