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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by Henry II
Then prepare to eat thy words and humble thyself at the altar of Buddy:
After seeing this video sooooo many times (everyday many times - a day!) since it was first available on the Buddy Rich official forum (a long time before being available here), I might say very confidently: There was no better snare drum Master technician than Mr. Buddy Rich... not even Mr. Alex Duthart! It cannot be... how??? It's so unbelievable what he does "here"... his spontaneous routines, perfect executions of the most ridiculously difficult hand techniques, eveything is so easy, fast and creative (also inhumanly controlled), he doesn't even look at the drums at all!!! It's truly amazing. I've been studying "all" of Buddy's videos (the ones I've got, of course) and there could'nt be anyone BETTER than him (maybe on league with, but not much more than that). One thing which constantly bugs me is that Buddy quote of him saying that "he is a far better drummer than me" refering to Alex Duthart... I really cannot imagine anyone "a LOT better than him", how could it be? For me it's not humanly possible. Not a LOT better. Definitely. Even less "back in the days...". Just my humble opinion also based on thousands (literally speaking!) of observations and comparasions.

- Ivo.
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