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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Little talk of west coast jazz, so I'll offer up a personal fave. I can't find a YouTube link for this one, but here's the CD info,+Vol.+1.htm

Shelly Manne was a mother******. One of the most tasteful drummers I've heard. Shelly had great hands but it was his musicality that captures me. He could sit back and lay a swinging foundation or he could kick the band in the ass and stoke the fire. Great dynamics, great touch, great understanding of the FORM.

I recommend this one without reservation. The take of Love For Sale is my fave on this one.

There is a really fantastic album out there called "back to back" which features the Jazz mandolin wizards Jethro Burns and Tiny Moore,with, Eldon Shamblin, Shelly Manne,and Ray Browne. It's on Acoustic Disc label. Check it out!

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