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Default Re: Pay to Play gigs? Fair? Or not?

Originally Posted by blastbeatkeeper View Post
I think its a good idea for younger, up and coming bands to do, just to get themselves to self promote, and to get a grip on what promoters, club owners, and more popular, veteran bands that are actually making money are doing, or can do.
I think its a crappy idea for bands that have a decent following, whether it be from playing these type of shows, social media, word of mouth, or just staright up hard work self promoting, handing out flyers, burning self recorded demo cds, selling self bought merch, and the like. What do you guys think?
A young, up-and-coming band needs to see how things work, I agree. But I think they also can do it without suffering so much in the process and by doing it in ways that might be more productive. I agree that it's a crappy idea for bands that have a decent following. They should be able to book their own shows. That would leave the up-and-comers to pay-to-play. Unfortunately, I don't think they wouldn't have a good time, either.

If the band with the decent following had the up-and-coming band open for them, they could do it in a smaller place, with a more familiar crowd, and not end the night frustrated and verklempt.
If your band knows another band that you either occasionally play gigs with or see around the practice rooms, etc., getting together with them and sharing gigs/fans/resources can help immensely. Two inspired bands working together on one show can learn together, share each other's fans and promote each

Sorry....should have been one post.

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