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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

Originally Posted by mlehnertz
I first saw him in 1982 or 1983 when he was gigging with Maynard Ferguson. I got to catch him twice with Maynard. I then saw him with David Lee Roth. I'm trying to remember who was playing drums for Joe Satriani. More than likely it would have been Jonathan Mover.

Gregg Bissonette was the primary reason I bought Yamaha drums. He had that gorgeous natural wood set of Recording Customs with Ferguson.

I saw him 3 times w/DLR. E&S tour, Skyscraper tour and at a dress rehearsal w/about 50 people when A Little Aint Enough came out. And also a lot of jazz clubs.
As far as I know it was Mover. Gregg was the reason I bought my Pearl kit 10 years ago.
And because he plays Mapex I have looked in to them and like the features of the Pro M studio kit (especially the legless 16 in floortom) and thats what im going to get soon. Emerald Green.

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