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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: Pay to Play gigs? Fair? Or not?

unfortunately this will always be the case in major market areas when a newer band wants to play a major tour stop venue sharing the bill with a national act

so whether it is fair or not ......the band gets off their lazy butts and tries to sell some tickets.....and the promoter finds out if this band can pull any heads to a gig.....

if you sell your share you most likely will not have to do it again the next time at that particular venue

it is sort of a way to earn the respect of a promoter who has never heard of a band before

now if it is a crappy little venue that is using this tactic to guarantee heads in the club then that is a slimy move and noone should go near that place

but if is a major venue who frequently houses national acts .....then it is completely fair

I have done my share of this and it always worked out for the best down the line

not sure how much this happens in middle America or in rural parts of the world

but in bigger cities this is quite common
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