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I first saw him in 1982 or 1983 when he was gigging with Maynard Ferguson. I got to catch him twice with Maynard. I then saw him with David Lee Roth. I'm trying to remember who was playing drums for Joe Satriani. More than likely it would have been Jonathan Mover.

Gregg Bissonette was the primary reason I bought Yamaha drums. He had that gorgeous natural wood set of Recording Customs with Ferguson.

Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin
I am lucky enough to know Gregg for almost 17 years. He has been my biggest influence and favorite drummer for almost 20 years. About 9 months after I made the effort to meet him I got the oppourtunity to set up his drums (may-oct 1990,91&92) at local jazz clubs, studio sessions and other things in exchange for lessons. To me It could not get any better than that. Most of time I would sit 10 feet away and watch him all night. Usualy 9-1:30. When it came to lessons we did what I wanted at lessons but it was mostly about timing, beat dissplacement stuff and double bass feet and hand patterns. I also learned alot without extra lessons from watching him so much over the years. There are drummers that have faster feet and hands or that are in to crazy independence stuff but when it comes down to it he is one of the greatest ALL AROUND drummers there is. My favorite without question. I saw him two weeks ago and I am just as happy to see him now as I was 17 years ago. So if you have the oppourtunity to see him live..DO IT!! You wont be dissapointed. He is a nice guy, funny and very approachable. And if he has the time he will answer any questions you ask him.
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