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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

I won't smoke pot or take drugs. I have a damn good reason though, I probably am in that small percentage that would develop serious mental issues. I already have occasional hallucinations without any foreign substances in my body so the last thing that might trigger them!

There was an interesting debate last year that I read about. It was regarding heroin production in Afghanistan. In the UK, diamorphine (which is basically heroin) is used a painkiller after surgery - as it is in a number of countries. There is a severe shortage of diamorphine and the supply of legal diamorphine is quite variable.

Instead of actually paying the farmers that were producing the opium poppy (illegally), coalition troops and local government destroyed the crop. These were people with little other option financially. The local arable crops wouldn't produce a high enough yield to be financially viable so opium poppy was grown instead. Rather than burning it, why didn't the various governments buy it and licence its growth in a legal channel to supply to medical establishments? It would have instantly removed the criminality, reduced the illegal supply (and made it much more expensive) and have produced a much-needed steady income to the farmers that were growing it. Madness.

I'm not a libertarian, but I do believe in the legalisation of a number of drugs. In my view, they are a great potential source of tax income whilst simultaneously removing the criminality from the chain. There has to be a better way - although I appreciate what I say is deeply controversial.
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