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This is a great idea...

BRAIN'S LESSONS - Shredding Repi's on the Gnar Gnar Rad
# # # #
Alternative instruction from an excellent drummer. Highly Recommended.
drummers of all levels - particularly funk style
Warner Bros
Ex Primus Drummer Brain (Brian Mantia) breaks down Go-Go and funk beats, covers 13 different ostinato patterns for the right hand (as well as some independence ideas over them) and covers the up/down stick technique. Also featured is Brain taking a solo using baguette's instead of drumsticks (and still showing everyone who's boss), roof top drumming sporting nothing more than a pair of underpants and a cigar and some first class funk work.
I've watched this DVD about 10 times since I bought it a few months back and am inspired everytime I watch it. Its a bit quirky in the way its shot and there is a heavy fun element throughout as opposed to a lot of the 'straighter' DVD's out there but I would recommend this dvd to anyone with even a slight interest in funky style drumming. Brain is an excellent technician also, just check out the section on the double stroke role if you need this confirming!
The only reason I haven't given it the full 5 is because the dude who posted the thread seems to be reserving full scores for "top 20" DVD's (which is fair enough) and although this would definitely be in mine not everyone may fully appreciate a quirky hour or so of funk drumming and general tomfoolery (which I definitely do), over say Steve Smith's 2 discs of 5 and a half hours of technique and history, I say both have there places (and both are in my DVD collection).
Extra bits are some clinic footage with some Q&A, the inclusion of a small book/manual describing the up/down technique further and written versions of the ostinatos and Brain's interactive drumkit.
Overall an excellent DVD that I would highly recommend.
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