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Tommy is definately a good drummer. One of my favorites that got me into drums. He is not a guy that puts fills everywhere he can. His drumming is mainly about grooves. Dr Feelgood album is a good example. His beat for Dr Feelgood w/the open hi-hats in the two different spots is very recognizable in my opinion. Just as the the beat Joey Kramer did for Walk this way. Motleys first album was not just basic beats and fills. He had some pretty cool stuff on that album. By todays standards he is not up to par. But I think as the people that dont find him impressive (mostly younger drummers) get older will realize that there is more to drums than speed and extreme technical ability. With that being said go to Keith Carlocks page(who I just discovered) and tell me he is not a good drummer. SINGLE pedal, totally cool grooves and feel and very little as far as fills go. No extreme crazy drumming just very, very cool stuff.

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