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The results of this experiment indicated that there were significant effects on pilot performance 24 hours after smoking a single marijuana cigarette. Overall, the pilots demonstrated much moredifficultyinaligningwithandlandingontherunwaya fter ∆9-THCexposure.Therewere increases in the number and size of aileron changes, the size of elevator changes and the degree of vertical and lateral deviation from the required flightpath during the approach to land. At 24 hours post-marijuana, the lateral deviation on approach to land was almost twice that of the pre-marijuana test. There was also a significant increase in the distance from the centre of the runway on touchdown. Indeed, one pilot 24 hours after smoking the marijuana landed off the runway entirely. More worrying, perhaps, was their finding that the pilots were not aware of any impairment of their flying performance at 24 hours after marijuana use.
Leirer et al examined the inter-relationship between marijuana, age and difficulty of the task on pilot performance (27). They found that there was a cumulative adverse effect of age, marijuana and task difficulty on pilot performance. Older pilots performed less well than younger pilots, bad weather resulted in lower pilot performance, and impaired performance occurred immediately after exposure to marijuana. In this group of pilots, a carry-over effect of marijuana was not found at 24 hours post-exposure.

this is my only issue. Pilots who feel good way before the effects wear off.
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