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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

As retired law enforcement I completely agree in legalizing pot or growing certain amounts for personal consumption,just like alcohol is now.The amout of time,money and resources not to mention risking the lives of cops, is staggering.

How many lives have been ruined or lost because of antiquated ideals and laws.If pot was legalized and enormous amout of income through taxation would be realized on municipal,state and federal levels.Not to mention how much jail space would be freed up in an already overcrowded system.

Taxpayer dollars that pay for law enforcement, inmate care and custody could be used in other areas,such as rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure,better education , medical care and research.

In all my years in law enforcement,I've never seen violent behavior or a fight between people that were high on weed.....over eating and protracted laughter yes but violence....never.Conversly with booze,plenty of bar fights,stabbings,shootings,DWIs and broken families.It's time to change our perspective and shift the paradigm.

Steve B
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