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Originally Posted by jackie k View Post
I could not pass this post up in good conscience without paying homage to the great Gene Krupa. Gene Krupa was my inspiration. Genes drum method was what I call (because I read it somewhere) the, " Idle Hand Hight " method. He used up and down strokes. His hands played high up. He used his elbows, shoulders and basically dance on the kit when he played. The drum set appeared to explode when he played. He was one of the most melodic drummers of all time. A reflexition of the chicargo jazz drummers. You could see Gene having fun on the kit when he was playing. This has nothing to do with the moller technique. It was just the way gene played. Genes major drum influence was Chick Webb. Chick Webb needs to be given his due. He was THE drummer bar none. When it came to melodic, rudiements, feel, chick was the man, and dont think krupa and rich didnt know that. Buddy Rich had a different drum method, technique and feel on the kit. Buddy was a new york jazz/big band drummer which meant he had a very aggressive drum style when playing. Elbows in, power from the wrists and away he went. Buddy could do it all. He could be melodic, he could drive the band and fly around the kit.
Gene Krupas influence is in many a drummer. I just want to say thank you Gene and you to Buddy & Chick for showing us that drumming could be fun and exciting.
Well said! I see gene as the most influential drummer of all time,Its been said before,but gene looks so RIGHT behind a drum kit.In no way am i saying he was all show and no substance,far from it,Buddy was a phenomenon as we know,but gene to me has always had something bud never had.Sad to say i never got to see gene,was little to young.I saw buddy in southend in early 80s.,amazing.look forward to hearing from you.Im new on net,enjoying this.
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