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Default Re: King of Isolation: Remote Audio HN-7506 or UltraPhones?

The Beyerdynamic DT-770Ms certainly are a contender and they are specifically designed for tracking and live sound. I really, really like them and I think Beyerdynamic make fantastic audio products. The sound from their phones is universally excellent and I would happily recommend them for a number of applications. Make sure you get the correct pair though because some of the DT-770s are not isolating headphones. Check the model numbers very carefully.

Bermuda cites extensive experience with the UltraPhones too and I have no doubt that they can deliver the isolation and sound quality you seek.

My recommendation for you is to see if you can find anywhere (like a pro audio shop) to try out the different headphones. Find a pair that you like the sound of and deliver the isolation you need. If you buy a pair with a sound that you find fatiguing then don't buy them. Ideally try to listen to a test CD of material that you are familiar with for at least ten minutes, take a couple of minutes out and then listen to the same CD with the same levels and an otherwise identical setup.

If you can't do that then there are websites that have reasonably decent subjective reviews. One I've read a few times when deciding is:

I've never been disappointed with a pair of high-end headphones that I've bought using the above methods.
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