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Default King of Isolation: Remote Audio HN-7506 or UltraPhones?

I am looking for somebody who has owned or used both the Ultraphones and Remote Audio HN-7506 headphones. It is my understanding that these two are the best on the market in terms of isolation. If there are others I've missed, please let me know. I want really insane isolation... Ideally, I would like to be able to pound on the drums and not hear a thing, so the only thing I can hear is the sound of the mic'd drums in my phones.

I used to own a pair of "Extreme Isolation" headphones and will never go back to that brand. The isolation was very poor. I also used to own Vic Firth headphones, and while the isolation was better, the sound quality was disappointing and they were a little uncomfortable. I think IEM's are uncomfortable too; I will only use them in live situations.

Also, the Beyerdynamic DT770M apparently has an impressive 35dB isolation, but I didn't even known they were isolation headphones. I guess based on that figure, they should be better than the UltraPhones? Perhaps they are a serious isolation contender?

I think that the HN-7506 is more attractive than the UltraPhones (moot point I know), but I've read that the earpads of the HN-7506 leak fluid easily while the UltraPhones does not have this problem.

I'd be willing to spend $50 more for the HN-7506 headphones if the isolation really is 33% better. Remote Audio claims the HN-7506 provides "over 40 dB of attenuation", while the UltraPhones have 29dB. I'm not sure how trustworthy the specs from the manufacturer are.. so I would love to see if someone has used both and noticed that one had the edge in isolation. I'd imagine they sound similar because they both use Sony MDR-7506 drivers, so my primary concerns are the isolation amount, comfort, and build quality (in that order).

Please give me your two cents! Thank you for your help.
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