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Originally Posted by CarlitosBaterista
I also hated the snare sound on St. Anger and at first I did not get it. But then the explanation they give on the 'Some Kind of Monster' movie made me understand.

Bob Rock said something like "the objective of the album (sound wise) is to have a 'garage band' sound, and metallica is the band". They just wanted to finish a record, and the objective was to have a garage sound to, from this perspective, I think they did pretty good...even though I would have liked the sound of the Garage Days Re-revisited EP much better, now that was a damn good raw sounding recording!

I think Mr. Rock might've made a verbal typo in calling that a "garage" sound instead of a "garbage" (can) sound.

Speaking of the Master of Puppets album, I was at a dream theater concert a few years back (6 degrees of inner turbulence tour), and their entire second set was them covering that album. They sounded pretty good, although they didn't improvise a whole lot which got a bit tiring.
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