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Default Re: My new DrumSound kit

Originally Posted by sacco View Post
Very nice, excellent choice! Drumsound sets own an excellent reputation in Italy, and I think they deserve it.

I am just a little surprised to see that you do not have a drumsound snare. They generally are crisp and full-bodied, and the ones I heard live were really impressive. Maybe you already saw this video, but here is the link to a groove played on a drumsound set by one of their most famous endorser, Pier Foschi:

What a shame: I just posted a link to a video and in fact there are plenty of official videos on the drumsound site and on drumsound channel on YouTube! And I only discovered it a few minutes ago!!! Sorry guys, here THE link:
Great to hear! Yes indeed they deserve it. Its an amazing kit! And its reputation is really growing here in Sweden!
I will buy a drumsound snare as soon as I can, but I got a great deal on these snares and my budget was a bit limited. Don't get me wrong, I love these snares (especially the TAMA), but having a drumsound snare would be awesome.
Yup. Seen the videos and as you say, they sound awesome! I'm really looking forward to buying a couple of drumsound snares!
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