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Default Re: Remo Ambassador coating wearing off...

Yep, the pics don't lie.
I've posted in all the other threads like this, and I never have this issue.

In comparing set-ups/styles:
I have my tom relatively flat, tilted to work with my hand. My ft's are flat. I play "off" the heads.
I use custom double butt sticks.
Dynamically, playing "pp" is not "Orchestral PP" with double butt sticks, but it's quieter, with a full sound. I play Rock music, so it's not going to be real quiet anyway....
The point is the coating doesn't come off for me (which I'm thankful for).

My snare is tiled slightly away from me, and my snare heads easily last a year before I don't like the sound.
I use a Top Dot Coated Emperor, which is the Clear film and Clear Dot that's coated. That coating doesn't come off either.
In 10 years of using this model head, I've only had one small spot chip off of one head, and the rest stayed perfect.

Even playing loudly, I don't dent the Ambassador heads, and the coating doesn't come off.
New Ambassador heads have been gotten and used in the last month, as well as within the last 6 months (4 kits).
I'm stumped as to why some people have chipping, and some don't.

I think that even if I did have this happen, I'd still use these heads because they just sound so dang good.

I DO think the coating is a little smoother than it was in the past. It still sounds "the same" to me though. Crisp, articulate and full, with GREAT tuning range.

They last a long time for me too.
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