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Default Re: My new Istanbul Mehmet Samatya Cymbals (pics)

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
As we all know, all cymbals (can) crack. And they crack mostly because of pilot error/hitting them too hard/wrong, sometimes due to manufacturing issues. I assume you know how to handle them so I wouldn't worry. Plus, thin cymbals tend to sound great (from my limited experience) so once again, I think you're going the right way.

I suggest if they crack - send them over to me, I'll send you 5 Euros (and either "repair" them or modify them into anything useable), haha. Just kidding, I'll send you 10 Euros ;-)
[Honestly I'll be glad to help you with repairs/modifications if wanted/needed.
Luckily at this point my cymbals are fine, but if i do smash 'm into sudden death i will look you up! We are neighbors at least, so be careful what you promise!
Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Here's that china as it came - that pic is just to shock you, haha. But it's true, that material is quite thin.
Dear goodness, i covered my mouth when i saw that. Was that the result of Donkey Kong playing the drums?
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