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Default Remo Ambassador coating wearing off...

i know some of you guys have been tracking this odd issue for sometime, got an up close look at it the last 2 weeks & wanted to chime in.

the picture kinda says it all. i have been doing some drum video the last 2 weeks & breaking in new remo ambassador coated heads for a studio gig as well. in the pic, the head on the RIGHT is a coated ambassador from 4/20/12 i took off, a bit beat up but fine...the dark smudge in the center is actually silver sharpie where i write my open tone note from my tune-bot (lug sharpie is muted note). so this 4/12 head really just had a bit of coating worn off a center spot from 7 months of playing. not bad at all.

the head on the LEFT is essentially a NEW head dated 11/2/12 from when i mounted them. i was amazed at how much coating came off with in 2-4 days. today, it is about a 2-2.5" blast zone worn off to the opaque mylar that remo uses for these heads. my guess is they changed the coating or it is outsourced to china or someplace else overseas ?

a couple of things:

(1) the coated ambassador sound is still insanely good despite the coating oddities. normally i would not be this confident saying this, but i have been playing kits w/ Evans & Aquarian set ups recently & i am still super impressed w/ how great the new remos sound & help the drums sing.

(2) i am not a basher...jazz, big band, funk, etc. i rarely dent heads & still have 2010 Diplomats on my Jazz kit that are still great w/ no dents. so i have not been laying into these heads w/ basebats or something.

(3) i did mount the heads, then tune them pretty high, let them sit 24 hours & the play them all untuned & high for a day. i do this everytime to help the heads stretch. don't think this affect thing but FYI.

soooo, are you guys are seeing the same thing...any theories ? and is Remo working on this problem ? sonically, here is no problem, but man, visually it is disturbing how fast the coating wears off. i didnt' do a snare head but if i did, i would start to get a bit pissed knowing the brush sound will start to suffer within a few months.
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