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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

Originally Posted by Funky CrÍpe View Post
Hes coming to my home town with robert glasper soon, I don't find him spectacular, but I will see him. His stuff does have some underlining....importance, but i just think he fills bars whenever he can. I am not being any bit racist AT ALL, but his playing does represent much of the rap/hip hop live playing of today with the likes of mos def and the co. I can't think of many drummers like him, but....lets say, spanky. They seem to fill bars and sub divide whenever they can, I suppose a modern equilivalt of, say, Tony williams? I dunno, just not as appealing to me as jojo or stanton moore. I will say though, I haven't heard him play much. I will see him though, of course! does anyone have any groove playing of him?
Check this out

His work with the Robert Glasper Experiment is revolutionary from a drumming standpoint (IMO), he incorporates the interesting and influential feel of produced hip hop beats into his Jazz and RnB playing, particularly that of legendary hip hop producer J-Dilla who unfortunately passed away in 2006. One of the things he does is play with the snare drum way on top of the beat but the hi hats behind while at the same time playing in between straight and swung.

He's pretty awesome
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