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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

great stuff berlioz!! thanks!

i would like to add some other stuff, mainly
focussing on some jazz and jazz&rock tunes ...some in 5/4 , 3/4, 6/8....and
at the end some famous pop work.
also focussing on his outstanding brush work in some tunes, with
his very own chops ...

Steps - Uncle Bob
4:4soloing ....over a jazz peace from the studio recording: Step by Step -1980 1,3mb
Steps - Not Ethiopia
great solo from the live steps... from: Smokin' In The Pit - 1980 2,7mb
Manhattan Transfer - Confirmation
heavy jazz phrasing with trademark chops...from: Mecca for moderns -1981 0,8mb
Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Rosario
trademark licks in soloing a fast bebop tune - from: Manhattan Jazz Quintet - 1984 1,4mb
Bob Berg - Ramiro's Dream
6/8 groove - soloing with polyrhythms - open playing from: Riddles - 1994 2,3mb
Chick Corea - QUARTET NO. 2 - PART 2 solo
the solo - i think the most technically solo from gadd i know from: Three Quartets - 1981 3,2mb
Al Di Meola - Egyptian Danza
featuring his tricky hihat-snare-bassdrum trademark pattern in a rock context - from: Tour de Force Live - 1981 0,9mb
Eddie Gomez - Mez-Ga
duo with eddie gomez and gadd - gadd plays only with 1 bassdrumpedal...from: Gomez -1984 1,4mb
Eddie Gomez - A Japanese Waltze
fantastic brush work in a 3/4 jazz context from: Gomez - 1984 1,4mb
Lee Ritenour - French Roast
famous track with chops over 5/4 from: Feel The Night - 1979 1,7mb
Tribute to Jaco Pastorius - A Remark You made
outro soloing...the cd is booooahhh, great erskine, brecker ect. from:
Who loves You? - A Tribute to Jaco Pastorius - 1998 1,4mb
Steve Kahn - An Eye Over Autumn
his solo during the ride-out of "An Eye Over Autumn"(Rick Marotta's expression of disbelief listening to the playback, then looking over to Steve and saying, with great love of course, "I hate you!" from: The Blue Man - 1978 2,7mb
George Benson - One on One
nice brushwork with gaddism-licks and chops... from:Absolute Benson - 2000 1,4mb
Tom Scott - Jove Poem
very nice brush groove from: Tom Scott and the L.A. Express-Bluestreak - 1996 1,7mb
Tom Scott - Dirty Old Man
chops and groove... from: Tom Scott and the L.A. Express-Bluestreak - 1996 1,9mb
Al Jarreau - My Favourite Things
playing 3/4jazz with heavy beat movement phrasing from:Tenderness - 1994 1mb

some grooves:

Joe Sample - Mystery Child
simple groove:-) from: Joe Sample and the Soul Committee - Did You Feel That - 1994 1,8mb
Michel Jonasz - Ou vont les reves
simple groove:-) from the french singer Michel Jonasz - Où vont les rêves - 2002 1mb
Al Jarreau - Save Me
nice hihat work in a 16th pop context with nice breaks...from: Breakin' Away - 1981 2mb
Al Jarreau - I Will Be Here For You
an example of his orchestral thinking in playing drums, building a track...from:
Jarreau - 1983 1,6mb
Carly Simon - Memorial Day
outro solo - not the one posted by berlioz from; Spy - 1979 0,9mb

all mp3 are in vbr for nice quality and small file sizes.

hope you like my little "gadd on jazz view"....

happy listening


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