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There is only one Buddy Rich. Nobody has his experiences. Buddy played with all the jazz greats. While many drummers are inspired by Buddy to become better drummers and learn some of his techniques to achieve that goal, you need to keep it in a drumming perspective. As a musician you are a product of your own pesonal experiences, musicial influences and your drum learning foundation. The great drummers listen to their favorite drummers and incorporated other drummers style, technique, and feel in to their own playing, giving them a new and unique personal drum sound or feel. That's how you become a Buddy, a Gene, a Bonham, and so on....... They just didn't come out of thin air and they didn't live in a vacuum. We are all a product of many. The gifts these great drummers gave us, was their their creative, artistic musicianship individuality. It's almost a paradox, THE PRODUCT OF MANY CREATES INDIVIDUALITY.
Buddy Rich and all the other great drummers have set the bar at the highest levels.

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