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Default Re: Michael Derosier

Originally Posted by brady View Post

Michael is an awesome drummer that definitely deserves some recognition here. I think we just need to add him to the Wishlist secton and hope for the best.

I actually had the privelege of meeting Mike a couple times when I lived in Seattle. He still lives there and occasionally shows up at Donn Bennett's drum shop. He was a very cool down-to-earth guy.

For the trivia fans, after Heart he played with Alias (remember the ballad, 'More Than Words Can Say'?) and I think he played on a few tracks for one of Richard Marx' records. Last I knew, I thought he had a local gig going on with Roger Fisher as well as the occasional teaching at Donn's.
I think any member with at least a couple of hundred posts should be allowed to start and sign a petition for Berhnard to consider. I know he is open to putting up more drummers. Keeping a minimum requirement of a couple of hundred posts ensures that people with a minimal commitment to drumming and the forum are giving informed input and it wouldn't be strictly a popularity contest.
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