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As for that Henker drummer and Guido Wyss... Nobody can do around 300 bpm 16th notes with single strokes - at least not the regular version although there's a few drummers who can do 300 w/ swivel - which are singles, too but some don't consider them 'real' singles.

Honestly I still haven't fully grasped how quad pedals work but look at that Henker drummer's foot speed - it looks like 'normal' but produces more notes. You can absolutely forget that anybody could hit those speeds 'for real' if not using quad pedals or some technological thingy other than standard pedals. So you're doing very well if you're hitting 16th notes in the 200-250 bpm range.

As for Tim: In that example he's using constant release but (for demo purposes) brings his heel down all the way. Now if you keep the heel off the pedal this would be Tim's "pump(ing)" motion as explained on his DVD (highly recommended!). For 'real' heel toe you'd typically lift your toe after the toe stroke while with constant release the toe will stay on the pedalboard all the time. Personally I prefer constant release but do bring down my heels all the way down like in Tim's example, especially at higher speed, for more power. Of course Tim can do a lot more - in fact pretty much anything one could think of with feet. Check out his DVD, there's some unbelievable stuff there. He can hit around 360 bpm with double strokes, for a full minute!

PS: It's *Jared Falk* - pretty simple spelling actually.
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