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Default Re: Goodbye Dad...

Duncan, Zickos, Bob, Bon, Jules, Mary, Sirwill, nhzoso, Anthony, Doc, Larry, Matt, Manningluck, evolving machine, Andy, Abe, David, Mikey The Old Hyke, Bandit, 2B, Steve, larryz, Butch and Martin, thank you for the kind words, it goes straight to the heart, you're all wonderful, this forum almost feels like family for me :)

Yes Abe, this year was really a bad year for parents, especially Dads.

Yes Matt, I agree, I came home with my pockets full of e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses... and I promised that I would keep in touch... indeed, we need to see each others more often :)

Butch, Bandit, I'm really sorry for your loss... hang on to those memories.

Jules... Cheers!

Mary, I hope I live long enough to see you live with that rock band of yours, 127 years should do it...

Andy... sincerely, thanks my friend, your messages and encouragements gave me strength throughout this emotional period...

I'm ok, I know that with time it gets easier, but the first few weeks ahead will be very emotional indeed.

Thanks again guys and gals, you rock!!!

Big hugs

Keep On Drumming

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