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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Some of you knows that my Dad was in hospital suffering from a lung cancer, which unfortunately, has been discovered far to late, I've been going back and forth to Switzerland since returning from the LDS, and I was able to chat a lot with my Dad and to support my Sister and her children during this difficult time.

My Dad passed away on Wednesday 14th of November, aged 84, peacefully, with love, holding hands with my Sister and I, the funeral was on Friday, over 70 persons attended the ceremony, family and friends, and I knew 90% of them.

Funerals are a strange event, even it's sad to loose those we love dearly, it's also an event where you meet old friends you haven't seen for many years, very emotional, but in a nice way.

I have been blessed to be there when both my parents went away, it takes away the regrets, you're just left with the happy memories.

My Dad's last words: "See you soon"
So sorry to hear. It sounds like your dad led a good life, with the love of many people, and that is all any of us can really ask for.
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