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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Here's a 'mosaique' snapshot after cutting & polishing.
From top (left to right) to bottom (L to R) we have (maybe the polish made them sound a tad brighter):

- No-name/cheapo crash (probably Platin Drums) 16’’/40 cm --> surprisingly low pitch, poor sustain/volume
- Millenium Crash 13-13.5’’/34 cm --> low pitch considering the diameter, poor sustain/volume
- Paiste 302 Hi-Hat Top 14’’/36 cm --> unspectacular
- Paiste Alpha Sound Edge Hi-Hat 14’’ Top --> ok, clear sound
- Zildjian ZBT Crash 16’’/40 cm --> thin, cowbell like.
- Zultan 16’’/40 cm China "YiN" --> trashes up nicely, 2-3 semitones lower in pitch than the other existing china splash.
- Zultan [43cm17’’ Crash] (black metal - couldn't identify the exact model designation) --> clear, powerful/aggressive

That ZBT material had quite some tension, it 'flipped' while cutting it.
That china has quite thin material, cutting the splash felt like working butter with a knife, haha. I decided to leave the logos/labels on the Zultan china.
I cut the Zultan black crash free handed because it was hard/impossible to do the markings. I tried to keep a steady cutting distance to the bell outlines.

Quick garden foto session:
Center cymbal = that aggressive sounding Zultan bell/black material. That is, the black colour partly came off during the polishing, the result looks quite unique and cool IMO.
Those 2 china splashes; middle = that Paiste Alpha hihat bell.

That batch of DIY bells probably has the most so-so bells so far. Those mediocre bells might make a fine addition into existing bell groups though, let's see.
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