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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

I've seen Chris Dave twice with the Meshell Ndgeocello Spirit Music Jamia. He's the most impressive and charismatic drummer I've ever seen, a real groove generator. He mixes jazz/dub/african/r'n'b rythmes in huge jams, and show off some incredible breaks you always think is off-tempo, but it's not, it just penetrates yer mind then yer body and makes you wanna scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrGGGG WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?????????? If you can see him once, don't hesitate, it influenced me, changed my vision of drumming and..................frustrated me.
Anyway he's been also playing with Kenny Garrett on Standards of language: Killer album with killing musicians.
He also have a hip-hop band called The foundation.
He's really my favorite seen live. I also realized how the HHX evolution O-Zone crash cymbal could sound so cool when it so wisely used.

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