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Originally Posted by DrumNut
These guys reall do provide a lot in the area of hand and foot technique and very knowledgeable on the topic.

They also are very musical.

A lot of people might say stuff about them cause they know they can't reach their technical prowess. they should learn from them instead. We are all a brotherhood dam it
"they should learn from them instead". Well yea! BUT one of the things about Drumometer and WFD is they were so totally 'off the hook' meaning innovative to the point that they were the first in history, so I thnk quite frankly they simply SCARED people. Lots of folks are scared of change and drumometer and wfd brought change. So instead of embrace it or them as you suggested, folks found if easier to bash and put down etc.....easier than to accept this change and as you say even to advantage of learning from the change.

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