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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I recently found and looked in a book where you fill in stuff about what you want to be when your older and fill in other stuff like best friends, birthdays, etc, which i completed when i was very young (about 5 - 6 or something). And in it, it says "What do you really want to do or learn," or something to that effect and in my crappy young primary 1 writing it says "eat pies". Nah "drumming", so that was pretty cool to see.

I actually started keyboard when i was about 7-8, influenced by parents and music school because they said it would get me to know about the music first, plus my wrists may not be strong enough. I started, and hated it! I used to play along to the demos on the keyboard but note with notes from the keyboard! by hitting it keeping the drum beat!!!

I'm now 15, and started drums at 10, but as you can see, i wanted to a long time before that! i went to a snare drum class thing when i was about 7 and used to always take anything i could find to hit my plastic fake play snare drum i had (and broke) lol.

So i'm not completly sure about what made me start, old videos of larry mullen with u2 that my dad had definetly helped, and influenced me!!
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