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Default Re: Drummers/Martial Artists

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
A Yankee thing? Sorry, bro I am a Dodgers fan and I know Judo. A sailor trained me how to fight. It's like riding a bicycle, but I haven't fought since 1991. I've had a few guys stand up to me, but that's about all they do. They never throw down. I show no emotion. Cool as a cucumber. Poker face. But I'm too old now so I'd rather just be nice to people.
You know there zephyr, i'm a sailor! But the fighting style they taught us.. i don't find much use in it! haha

perhaps you were taught by a sailor from the old school navy. you know, the real navy?

The mordern navy is too soft. They don't want the image of a sailor to be a drunken bar fighter anymore, they want us to be cuddly wuddly fuzzy teddy bears that wear our uniforms! this whole being politically correct thing has turned the navy around with a complete 180..
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