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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Just a heads up--

I have no idea what the quality of the product would be at this point, or, if the same wood Nick used would be what sticks are being made from.

I do think the wood Nick used is superior to anything anyone else is putting out, and it was hand picked at the source BY Nick, and Danny was never involved in that part of the operation.
What is going to be used now/in future could be what the turning company has/uses, or it could be stuff that was there when the actual spit happened.
If I find out what the situation with the wood being used, I will post again.

Good luck to anyone involved!
That would be great of you. I was thinking of placing an order in the near future. Custom stuff isn't cheap but I want to ensure that I'm getting quality items and the wood and construction is still consistent of that when they first started. They will get my business that way.
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