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Manu is a true Groovemaster - the things he plays live with Peter Gabriel are just SICK!!

He is a master of Off-Beat Fill-Ins - listen to "In your eyes" on PGs Live Recording "Secret World Live". This is one of the best live recordings of all times and well worth checking out.

I havenīt been a Manu Fan forever, actually when I first heard him play I didnīt like his style at all. Almost all the time he holds his Sticks reversed and plays very big drumsizes he is also a quite busy drummer...

But the second look just blew me. Just so much musical taste and such a deep Groove - when I listen to him I always think: "F*** all that technichal stuff that people like Lang or Minnemann do - Manu plays the way it is ment to be!" He truly got me away from the flashy superdrummers that have great technique but nothing to say musically.


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