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Originally Posted by RickyG
There seems to be very little mention of the great Joe Morello in the discussions. In the Favorite Drummer thread I don't think I saw his name once. I'm wondering why. His solo with Dave Brubeck at Carnegie Hall is one for the ages. His playing is always very melodic and his chops are huge.
I think he's awesome, and I'm sorry I left him off my list.

About five years ago it was my major aspiration to make it to New York and study drums with him. I had a plan - part one was to be coming to New Zealand, playing some noisy rock gigs, sleeping in buses and getting all of that stuff out of my system for a while. Then I was going to go to New York and study jazz, and I was going to do what it took to get on Joe's books as a student.

Somehow I got stuck in NZ though. I acquired some really good musician friends I didn't want to leave behind, I moved in with a girl... Ran out of money... that sort of thing.

I'd still love to do it, but given the fact that I just discovered my primary spending account (not my business one) has $0.58 in it I think it's kind of unlikely :)
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